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Catching up.

Already I'm having a tough time finding the energy to post.  But at the start of a three-day weekend, I'm taking advantage of a later bedtime!

After a particularly draining week at school and the day-to-day emotion that comes with the passing of Dan's father, I'm grateful to be sitting here in comfy clothes with a husband and little doggie that I love.  I'm grateful to have an extra day off this weekend, and that I received my official 2011-12 contract with pay increase today at school.  With art and music teachers getting cut left and right I feel so lucky to be part of a district that values the arts. We also got our tax return today.  Most of it is already accounted for, but just knowing we will be caught up on bills, and able to afford brake work on our car is so awesome.  And we did manage to fit in one splurge each - gym pants for Dan and a haircut at my favorite Aveda salon in Tempe for me.  I think I've found my stylist out here, I love my hair!

So I'll choose to ignore the insensitive comment by a 5th grader Monday morning - "You cut your hair?  Why???"  My first two classes that day, 4th and 5th grade, were horrible.  It felt like any respect I had managed to acquire was completely lost.  Rudeness and back-talk are on the rise, and while I'm really quick to blame myself for any little thing that goes wrong, I've been told by many teachers that kids become more difficult as spring break approaches - that it's not me.  

Last Friday's 6th grade class left me driving home in tears, but today was payback.  I had them practice lining up and walking in and out of my classroom, then required them to complete a review handout before working on their art project.  At least 1/3 of the class acted like they had no clue.  An evil part of me enjoyed shooing them away when they tried to ask me for help with the answers.  For weeks I've been hearing "when are we going to make art??" as I fight just to give directions at the beginning of class without interruption.  Sucks that they need to learn their lesson the hard way, but they are a tough, ill-mannered bunch of kids.  The 6th grade team of teachers seems to think this years class is particularly bad.  So to put a positive spin on it, it's good experience.  I've been told if I can stick it out here, I can teach anywhere. 

In other news, little Jack continues to brighten our days with his extreme cuteness:

He likes to steal our laundry . . . .

And cross-dress . . .

And rest on daddy's arm in the car.  (That's Dan shifting . . . )

All for now!



Several years ago I consolidated my online presence to a single Facebook profile.  When my LJ posts dwindled, Friendster became boring, and MySpace too creepy, Facebook seemed the best way to keep in touch.  Now that I'm a teacher, and my husband a writer who continues to be quite cautious of his online presence, Facebook doesn't feel comfortable.  Reports of friends' profiles getting hacked were way too frequent - just can't do it anymore.  Despite my aversion to the site, I miss friends and family a great deal and have a daily urge to connect with loved ones back home.  I figure if nothing else, it's therapeutic to journal now and again.  An added bonus will be connecting with some of you here.

I have plans to build my own artist website, but need Dan's help to get started.  The project is on the horizon but realistically might not come to complete fruition until the summer, when I can take a break from lesson planning.  For now it's fun to think about!



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